The main sectors in which we operate are a variety of services and more specifically business management. We offer full assistance to new business owners with a full set-up to help them incorporate their business in Malta. However, thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can also assist new business owner’s set-up their business in various countries of the world. In additions we also help manage existing companies, always keeping in mind our mission of growth and development. With decades of business experience as an entrepreneur, employee and regulator, our MANAGERS, ARE a certified Chartered Sales Manager and sales expert also in Italy AND IN WORLD. His role within the Group will concern the management of movable and immovable assets, through collaboration with financial structures authorized in Italy and abroad, with a specific presence in FAR EAST EURPOPE AND ITALY. The President of the group is ENG SERGIO BONESSO operated in the oil and its derivatives market from 2003, and now thanks to the birth of new partnerships, with FIP SRL he has decided to open the oil market to background customers international. The company has control, through a parent company, of several companies in different countries and with different cores business following a common idea that we can.